7 Colors That Influence Your Workout

Yes, the colors you wear make an impact on your workout!

We’ve all heard about the research out there that explains how colors can affect the type of mood you’re in, and how to use them to your advantage (I can even remember strategically wearing the color blue when I would have to give presentations in college, in order to calm my nerves!). However, there is also a correlation between color and how it can influence your workout sessions. The colors you choose should be based on the type of workout you’re looking for.

Check out what “ROY G BIV” can do for you, the next time you want to sweat it out!


If you’re the type of person that loves an intense workout: an early BOOTCAMP session, or spin class, make sure you fill your workout wear with tons of red! Red is known to get you motivated and ready to break a sweat with the most fierce workout


I never felt that orange was a very desirable, nor flattering color (add a polyester cheerleading uniform to the mix, that you wore religiously growing up, and you’ll understand), but it’s a great color to wear when you are exploring something new. Because people do not generally browse the racks for a great pair of orange shorts, it’s nice to step out of the box every once in a while. Besides, you may end up finding out this might be your color, or more importantly, it might make you feel great!


When I think yellow, I think of sunshine. This is enough to get me up and motivated for the day, and it is exactly what this color can do for your next workout. If you are gloom, or would rather be home on the couch with a pint of your favorite ice cream and some Netflix, think again! Throw on some yellow to boost your mood, get you energized, and run out your door for a great sweat fest!


Other than money, green is associated with nature and getting in touch with your inner beauty. So the next time you need some reassurance about the size of your thighs, or the amount of jiggle on your upper arms, throw on some green and get outside for a great hike, power walk, or a cleansing run. This will help boost your mood and maximize your workout. Green will make you look past what you don’t have, and appreciate what you already do have! So be green with envy over those abs you’ve been working so hard on!


According to experts, blue has always been known to be a color that helps to calm your nerves. The perfect color to done for all of those up-coming marathons you’ve been training for during these warmer seasons! When you submerge yourself with a cool and calming color, such as blue, it is easier to stay calm, cool, and collected so you can win that race and get the most out of your favorite workout.


I love that Yoga is considered to be the optimal color for my favorite workout: Yoga. Yoga is meant to calm, relax, and rejuvenate mind, body, and soul, and that is exactly what purple is meant to do for you and your mood. It will help center your mind and focus on your breathing, while you take time on your mat (which I’ve even purchased in purple). Also, if you prefer to workout at night, or, wait…let me rephrase that, if you only have TIME to workout at night, purple is a great color to keep you calm and focused, so you can then have a sound sleep when you’re done.


Some prefer to mix up their colors to optimize their workout, and that’s just fine! It’s a fun motivator to get you up and going, maximizing each and every workout. However, if you’re not one for wearing colors that scream for any attention, why not try to be subtle about it? Maybe wear a great pair of natural-toned shorts with your red sneakers on that next run, or a bright purple tank and leggings to Yoga?

Do these color theories enhance your workouts? And if you haven’t already tried it, which ones will you be giving a shot? I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Have a great week uncovering the colors that keep you fit!

X, Danielle

Danielle is a member of VENT Fitness, Guilderland and guest fashion blogger for VENT Fitness. Her blog Fashion Is My Favorite Subject offers readers everyday creative ideas to spice up your look. You can tag Danielle on Instagram: @daniellepiel, Facebook: Danielle Piel, or leave a comment below, sharing some of your inspiring looks!