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Make committing to a healthier you easy with amenities that keep you fit, relaxed and refreshed. VENT Fitness offers a variety of amenities to make your workouts more enjoyable, rather then just another chore. 

We’re proud to say we have the greatest selection of programming options in the Capital Region. But our commitment to you doesn’t end there. To focus on your complete physical health and give you the club you deserve, we’ve brought in spa-like amenities to restore, re-energize and heal your body.

VENT Fitness amenities include:

E3 Experience Fitness Assessment
We don’t believe in leaving you on your own once you’ve joined our club. Instead, we kick off your VENT Fitness experience with a comprehensive fitness assessment to help you understand your current fitness levels and to create a plan to help get you where you want to go. During this assessment, our Club Fitness Coordinator (CFC) will talk with you about the areas you need to stretch and strengthen to improve your overall health and performance. Because to reinVENT yourself, you have to get to know yourself first. Our staff takes the time to do that.

Equipment Orientation
Once you’ve had your Experience, our Group Orientation will demonstrate safe and effective exercises on various pieces of equipment at VENT Fitness. The goal is to give you the education you need to ensure you’re not only being safe while you work out, but that you’re using each machine as effectively as possible. You’re here to see results. Our staff is tasked with making sure you get them.

Bottled water is more than 2,000 times more expensive than regular tap water and nearly twice the cost of regular gasoline. For those of us at VENT Fitness, that’s a hard drink to swallow. Enter Vyykn water.

Vyykn water is a subscription-based water system that takes regular tap water and filters it into the purest water possible via a proprietary 8-step filtration process. The subscription comes with an electronic keychain chip that activates the spout on the Vyykn dispenser, complete with options for Pure, O2 and Ionized water.

The benefit to you?

Drinking water that’s been infused with oxygen will provide an "energy-enhancing” effect to aid your high-energy workouts. Even better, you’re helping the environment by decreasing waste and keeping those plastic bottles out of our landfills.

*Vyykn water is currently only available at the Guilderland VENT Fitness location. 

Kids Club
VENT Fitness proudly offers Kids Club so you can enjoy your workout without worry or distraction. Kids Club is available to all club members with children over the age of three months, with strict sign in/out procedures to ensure children have a fun, safe environment to play and socialize.

*See clubs for details and availability.

O2 Bar
The O2 bar at VENT Fitness gives members the chance to take a breather from their workout and recharge with a unique spa experience. With four different flavors of oxygen-enriched air to choose from, the O2 bar may help increase energy levels, endurance and help you bounce back quicker from your high-energy workouts.

*02 Bar is currently only available at the Guilderland VENT Fitness location. Included in all Level II and Level III members.

Hydro Massage
Those muscles are only as good as the lovin’ you give them. The hydro massage beds at VENT Fitness offer members a fully-body, deep-tissue massage with customizable pressure ranges to always keep you at maximum comfort. Members have found hydro massages not only help with relief of minor aches and pains, but reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

*Hydromassage is currently only available at the Guilderland VENT Fitness location. Included in all Level II and Level III members.

VENT Fitness offers tanning in addition to your membership with state-of-the-art beds and booths. We also offer the finest tanning products.

*Included in all Level II and Level III members.

Juice Bar
Whether it’s a snack to charge up or smoothie to refuel after a hard workout, every VENT Fitness location includes a modern juice bar to quench cravings and keep your body satiated with a selection of nutritious food, drink and protein options. Through our partnership with Isagenix, members can also enjoy our signature and low-cal shakes, as well as meal replacements.

Locker Room/ Sauna
The difference between the VENT Fitness locker rooms and the locker room at your old gym? You won’t be afraid to shower or walk in bare feet in ours. VENT Fitness’ clean, modern locker rooms mean you can get a grime-free shower in before heading to work in the morning or home in the afternoon. With plenty of mirrors, outlets and space, it’s just as comfortable as your home bathroom.

Available in all but one facility currently, our saunas will soothe your body and leave you feeling reenergized.

Need hand wraps for today’s Focusmaster class? A fresh water bottle? Or maybe you just want to rock some VENT Fitness swag? The VENT Fitness shop has you covered.

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