VENT Fitness is ReinVENTing Fitness


VENT Fitness is an innovative health and fitness facility with four locations in the Capital Region. We strive to continuously exceed the expectations of our members with upgrades and equipment improvements in our facilities.



OUTSIDEFirst impressions matter.

VENT’s building facades, colors and designs enhance the exterior with a streamlined, modern look.

INSIDEA photo-worthy finish.

All-new interior finishes — paint, tile, carpet and rubber flooring – provide our clubs with a fresh, new look exclusive to VENT Fitness.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 7.53.21 PM




No Bowflex or Thighmasters here.
Get your workout on with all new cardio equipment and a selection of new strength equipment. We strive for a: safer, cleaner, more comfortable exercise floor.

Breathe easy.
VENTilation is important. We’ve upgraded our heating and air condition units (including some Big Ass fans) to improve circulation and reduce energy consumption.

Technology burns calories.
New flat screen televisions and a state-of-the-art sound system are part of our DNA. Because everyone knows it’s easier to work out, stay in the know and enjoy some bumpin’ tunes.

Only your living room has more comfort.
Forget High School gym class! Our locker spaces are open, clean and (call us vain, but) totally gorgeous. The updated saunas and lockers definitely don’t hurt, either.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 7.53.55 PM


Because we only have one Earth, VENT Fitness is taking some steps to minimize our impact on anything (other than your fitness, of course):

Grid Power – Some very smart people have created a line of equipment that converts your hard work into renewable energy. No, it’s not your seventh grade Science Fair– it’s VENT Fitness! This technology reduces our draw on the environment.

The brightest bulb… is the most energy-efficient. New, energy efficient lighting creates a brighter environment while consuming less than half of the energy used currently. It’s a win-win!



Included in Level II and III memberships

O2 bar – The VENT Fitness O2 bar gives members the unique chance to take a breather from their workout and recharge with this unique, spa experience. With four different flavors of oxygen-enriched air to choose from, the O2 bar may help increase energy levels and endurance.


Hydro Massage – Easily the best ten minutes of your day! Who doesn’t want a full-body, deep-tissue massage with customizable pressure ranges to keep you at maximum comfort? These aren’t those uncomfortable chairs that shake you around-our hydro massage beds not only help with relief of minor aches and pains, but also reduce levels of stress and anxiety! On that note… Hold our bag, we’ll be back in ten!


Tan – The glow is real! Brand new, state-of-the-art HEX tanning booths mean that covetable summer-glow is available at each VENT Fitness location.



MOVE (Group exercise studio)
Because some things are more fun in a group!

RIDE (Cycling studio) – Immersive fitness has landed! Each location features a new RIDE studio and brand new indoor cycles. Want to ride up the edge of Mount Rushmore? How about view the Grand Canyon? What if you could see astounding visuals and visit exciting places while getting an amazing workout-but never actually leaving the gym? The exclusive MYRIDE virtual experience provides motivational scenery and innovative technology to enhance your Ride. In addition to being taught by live VENT instructors, the MYRIDE program features a virtual workout every hour, enabling you to tailor your class schedule to your needs.

TRAIN Studio (Level III and E3 clients only)
All-new TRAIN studios at each club to provide a dedicated space for our signature NXT programs and personal training clients. TRX suspension training systems, battle ropes, plyo boxes, kettle bells and more! There’s so much awesomeness, you’ll have an excuse to visit VENT Fitness every day!



The reinVENTion is expected to begin in January 2015 and will be done in phases. Each phase will be outlined and displayed on-site and on-line. We expect to conclude the reinVENTion in Spring 2015. Check online regularly at to keep up to date with the latest plans and progress.
Due to the large scope of renovations it may be necessary to modify hours and potentially close the club for a short period of time to allow areas to be renovated. Members will be notified via email, through the VENT Fitness website, the VENT Fitness mobile app, and all of our social media channels as we move forward in the process. Additionally, we invite all of our members (any level) to visit another location if services are unavailable at your home location due to the reinVENT 2015 program.
There may be partial shut down of various services, amenities and programs based on the phase of construction. Class schedules will be update and members will be notified of class cancellations through the VENT Fitness mobile app.
Cardio Cinema
With the addition of new flat screen TV’s in many areas, and our new MyRide cycling studio, we will no longer offer an enclosed Cardio Cinema room.
Towel service
Only large bath towels will be offered for rental effective January 1, 2015. On going theft, and increased costs have made it impractical to offer smaller workout towels with any membership. Members are encouraged to bring their own workout towel. A number of new cleaning stations that feature recycled paper towels and sanitizer spray bottles will placed throughout the facility to help you to help us keep our facilities super clean.