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Sign up available per session in-club for all Level I and II VENT Fitness members.
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TRAIN Programming is the ultimate fitness experience and is offered exclusively at VENT Fitness. Built on scientifically-proven formulas created by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, TRAIN Programming is designed to deliver unparalleled results. Whether your goal is weight loss, injury prevention or to simply get a great workout, there’s a TRAIN program that’s perfect for you.

TRAIN Programming focuses on improving your core strength and upper/lower body power as well as
enhancing your cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.


Simply put, this program is designed to improve your movement and make you stronger, leaner and healthier
than you’ve ever been before.


*Unlimited TRAIN sessions are included in VENT Level III membership.




TRAIN is a VENT-exclusive boot camp inspired total body workout. Challenge your core, strength, power and mobility as well as cardiovascular conditioning using multiple exercises from all of our other TRAIN programs in a fast-paced exciting group of up to 20. Offered in 30- and 60-minute sessions.



STRIKE is an MMA-inspired workout that incorporates strike training with bodyweight exercises. Certified trainers keep your energy level at its peak with a fast-paced, power-driven workout.

STRIKE at VENT Fitness

PLYO PERFORMANCE is 30 minutes engineered with explosive movement to ensure maximum muscle performance.

STRIKE FORCE A high intensity 1 hour MMA inspired workout that incorporates Strike training with Strength and Core exercises. Our Strike Force certified trainers will keep your energy level at its peak in a fast paced, power-driven workout!