Fit and Flawless Beyond August

Because everyone wants to be!



“When I’m not feeling my best, I ask myself, ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ I use the negativity to fuel the transformation into a better me.” -Beyonce

As we enter our final weeks of summer, it is important that we don’t lose the drive we started it with. Whether you achieved your 2018 #summerbod goal or you’re still getting there like the rest of us, you can’t (and better not) stop now! Stuck in a gym rut and don’t know what to do? Keep reading for tips to stay Fit and Flawless beyond August!



  • Get Aggressive:
    As we approach the end of August, now’s the time to get aggressive in your workouts! Not sure how? Try BodyCombat, August’s featured Group-Ex class that will leave you feeling strong, fearless, and FLAWLESS through September and beyond. There’s still a couple of days left to give it a try, so stop in today!

  • STRIKE away that “summer-time sadness”:
    Sad that summer is coming to an end? Knock out calories and frustrations with STRIKE, our featured TRAIN program for August! Not a Level III? That’s ok! All members can try (1) STRIKE session for FREE during the month of August! Visit our friends at the front desk and enroll today.

  • Eat Flawlessly:
    Working hard in the gym is important, but the kitchen is where the REAL results happen. Stay #FitandFlawless this August by eating more fruits and veggies! Don’t know where to start? Stop by Bellini’s Counter and try out the #HowDoYouVENT? Bowl through August 31 while offer lasts (VENT Members save 15% off the bowl).

  • Get your protein on:
    If you’re still looking for #gainz this August, you’re gunna need some protein! Visit our friends at the Energy Bar and try out Berry, Berry Good; August’s $5 featured shake! To show our gratitude to our everyday she-roes. Too late? Check us this weekend for our September Featured Shake!


What’s your plan to stay #FitandFlawless beyond August? Comment below!!

Victoria Smith, Marketing Coordinator
Jermaine Wright, Marketing and Promotions Manager