VENT Fitness is a locally-owned and operated brand, committed to our Capital Region community and global sustainability. Read on to find out more of how we are going green.


Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations
Wondering what those weird pump-looking things are outside our health clubs? Those are our EV charging stations for electric cars, available free to the public. Each station is equipped with two EV plugs and is conveniently located right in each VENT Fitness parking lot.
Convert your workout to electricity with select treadmills, ellipticals and indoor cycles featuring ReRev technology. At VENT Fitness, your sweat equity can help power other machines, fans, and even our EV charging stations.
In an effort to reduce waste, we’ve decided not to create it. At VENT Fitness, we’re building a paperless experience to reduce clutter and save trees. The lack of clutter on your kitchen table will thank us. You’ll find billing statements, class schedules and other information on our mobile app or online.