POUND: The Rockstar Workout You Haven’t Tried (Yet)

I’ll admit it. I’m a skeptic. Workout fads are nothing new (Thigh Master. The Gazelle. Piloxing… just to name a few) and I’m kind of a workout snob. If I’m going to get to the gym, change, and then have to drive allllll the way home (le sigh), I’d better get my time’s worth in calorie-burning, sweat-inducing results. So when VENT Fitness Guilderland General Manager and Group Fitness Manager Gina LaViolette mentioned a free preview of POUND taking place on November 3, I was less than enthused.
A little half-hearted sleuthing on the intwerwebs reveals POUND as “THE WORLD’S FIRST CARDIO JAM SESSION INSPIRED BY THE INFECTIOUS, ENERGIZING AND SWEAT-DRIPPING FUN OF PLAYING THE DRUMS.” In my fierce household competition for fitness tracker domination, my husband (and occasional drummer) consistently tops my activity levels by several thousand steps and significantly more calories any day he plays. So the appeal of drumming for a workout may not be so far-fetched. And, 10 seconds into my first of the purposefully gritty, rock-themed promotional videos I was definitely intrigued… And POUND sounded less fad-ish and more like fitness genius.
“It’s the musicality,” explains POUND certified instructor Linda Tedesco when asked what is it that sets POUND apart. “The fun. And discovering you’re doing things you never thought you were capable of.” Tedesco, who has been group fitness certified for two years, said her first experience with POUND was over four years ago at New York City’s “Workout in the Park” in Central Park. “I was hooked,” she says, and its clear that something phenomenal happened that day — she was inspired to pursue drumming in classes and with other drum-based fitness programs. “You’ll be be-bopping along to great music (think Fall Out Boy, Sia, and other Top 40 artists) and you won’t even realize how hard you’re working.” With weighted drum sticks and choreography that even the most uncoordinated can grasp (hi, me), POUND promises 45 minutes of total body workout, targeting arms, glutes and core while also improving flexibility. And while Tedesco will demonstrate higher-intensity options, fellow VENT Fitness and POUND certified instructor, Regina Epp will join her and offer modifications. “We’ll be previewing level I, but you can turn up the intensity as you like,” Tedesco says.
“We are committed to leading the curve,” LaViolette says. “We want to continue to offer up and coming programs for our members.” In keeping with that theme, VENT Fitness will offer Zumba Kids beginning the first weekend in November, as well as a handful of yoga workshops geared for both beginner and novice practitioners. Following the free POUND preview, and based on member interest, plans are already in the works to offer POUND in a six-week session. “We’ll confirm dates shortly,” LaViolette said. Interested members can pre-register HERE.
A quick visit to poundfit.com reveals a rabid fan base, success stories of weight loss and motivation, and one instructor’s take, something that Tedesco enthusiastically echoes — “I’ve never met a person who didn’t love POUND after taking it!”
The free POUND Preview will be offered at 8:30 a.m., Thursday, November 3 at VENT Fitness Guilderland and will feature VENT Fitness group fitness and POUND certified instructors Linda Tedesco and Regina Epp. Members are invited to register HERE.
Participants should bring a yoga mat, towel and water bottle.