ReinVENT Community: Darcy Marra

“I’m pretty sure this whole thing is going to kick my ass. But I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to.”

Meet Darcy Marra the ReinVENT Community Challenge member representing Guilderland! Darcy nominated herself for our 12-week health and fitness challenge.

“I saw the Challenge on Facebook. I had heard about it before but I’m not a gym person. I had a lot of slaps in the face lately with my health and I said to my husband, ‘I think I want to do this Challenge.’ He thought I was crazy. The more I looked into the Challenge on the VENT website, I knew I wanted to do this. I asked my husband to nominate me but I decided to do it myself.”

Darcy, what led you to begin your heath and fitness journey?

“I think it was a combination of three big things: in May my mother-in-law passed away after battling cancer. Watching her body fail her really struck me. It made me appreciate what our bodies do for us and how little we respect them. It was incredibly sad. About a month later, at my regular doctor appointment, I had my blood work done and was told that I was pre-diabetic. I was like, ‘What the hell? I cannot do this, this cannot happen!’ I knew I had put on weight (as a busy mother of three) but when I was confronted with this, I knew things weren’t good and I couldn’t continue down that road.”

“After my doctor appointment, my bother joined our annual family vacation on the beach in North Carolina to visit my father. My brother’s new girlfriend had the nerve to take pictures of me in my bathing suit – which EVERYONE in the family knew was off limits. This summer’s family pictures were not good. I was mortified to see the images. I think everyone else in the family knew not to take a picture of me in a bathing suit, clearly not my brother’s girlfriend!”

Darcy works for area law enforcement and noted in her nomination the importance of her personal safety.

“I walk down the streets in the worst parts of town. I spend my time in places where I need to be able to run or protect myself at a moments notice. I’m in people’s homes; I’m in the community. To know that my body is not in the shape to come home safe everyday is terrifying. If I don’t do something about my physical fitness, I could be in situation I might not be able to get out of.”

Within twenty-four hours of receiving the congratulatory phone call that she had been selected to represent Guilderland in the ReinVENT Fall Challenge, Darcy had scheduled her first workout.

“I worked out with Beth (#teambeth), my team captain for this challenge during my E3. She had me doing lunges and squats and my legs and ass hurt just from that! I’m afraid I’m going to die in one of her sessions when the Challenge starts next week! I looked at the class schedule screen for minutes before I signed up for STRIKE. That’s going to be my first session at VENT and I can’t wait!”

The key to a successful plan is to have a clear goal. What is your goal this fall at VENT?

My goal for the Challenge is to lose weight. I really want to hike a high peak. I want to start hiking the 46. I need to lose at least 40 pounds… I don’t know if I can do that in 12 weeks but I do know that I want to make fitness a part of my life. I can’t do this and then go back to where I was. I need to find the time for myself, I’ve had excuses with my kids and work — now its time to take care of myself.”

Written by: Michael Arce, VENT Fitness, Marketing Manager

The Fall ReinVENT Challenge begins Monday, August 29th. Click here to learn more