Sound Healing Journey at VENT Fitness

Saturday, January 26 • 7 p.m.

This 90-minute event promises to be an exquisite sound immersion of expansive dimensions. The world-renowned innovative zither/harp master, composer, and sound healing presence of Laraaji is joined by collaborative partner sound healing musician Reiki Master Arji OceAnanda for an evening of celestial sound making.

They will transport you on a wave of bliss emphasizing the beauty of the electric open tuned zither/harp, African kalimbas, chimes, ancient wind gongs, ecstatic voice, and so much more in a sound offering from beyond the clouds.

Recognized as a new age visionary, sound artist Laraaji performs new music with modified electric zither/harp, voice, kalimba, and electronics. The music tends toward celestial, trance inducing, and uplifting. Laraaji’s long time collaborator and healing sound musician Arji OceAnanda shares her heart space through a variety of gentle percussion and electronic instruments.

Laraaji’s classic New Age album Day of Radiance, produced by Brian Eno 1979, put him and his uniquely uplifting electric open tuned zither on the global music stage. He tours annually performing festivals, conferences, yoga centers and collaboration events. Arji OceAnanda has been collaborating in performances and laughter meditation workshops with Laraaji for many years. She moves healing energy through intuitive percussion and gentle synthesizer.

$25 until 1/26 • $30 at the door


Participants are encouraged to bring a mat, a pillow, and eye covering.


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Sound Healing Journey • VENT Fitness Niskayuna

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