What is HIIT? HIIT, otherwise known as High Intensity Interval Training, is a workout method that focuses on 45 seconds of fast paced, intense exercise, typically followed by 15 seconds of rest. Interval training can be incorporated into almost any workout (running, lifting, squatting, etc.), and usually varies from 30 minutes to an hour, burning […]

Winter reinVENT Challenge Nutrition Seminar

VENT Fitness reinVENT Challenge FREE Nutrition Seminars Meet with VENT Fitness Nutritionist, Brenna Rinaldi These Nutrition seminars are open to Winter reinVENT Challenge participants and current VENT Fitness Nutrition clients, free of charge! • VENT Fitness Guilderland, Tuesday, January 26th 5-6pm • VENT Fitness Clifton Park, Monday, February 1st, 5:30pm-6:30pm In this one-hour complimentary Nutrition […]

No-Bake Gingerbread Energy Bites: On The Go Nutrition

Overwhelm your taste buds with festive flavor while giving your body tasty on-the-go workout fuel Written By: Catrina, Personal Trainer, VENT Fitness – Latham These no-bake bites are the real deal. They are easy to make (Hello, “no-bake!” Yes, please!) on your own or with the kids. You can enjoy them as a breakfast option, […]

The Cooking School @ Market Bistro with Brenna

Cook Dinner with VENT Fitness Nutritionist Brenna The Cooking School at Market Bistro – Latham Learn to prepare healthy meal options for yourself and your family, hands-on with Price Chopper’s Chef John Winnek and Nancy Huggins Nutrition has never been this FUN! Price Chopper’s Chef John and VENT Fitness Nutritionist Brenna Rinaldi have created three “Brenna […]