Tapping & Energy Medicine Technology

Friday, February 22 • 7 p.m.

Expert energy medicine facilitator Ali Smith will lead you through a simple series of techniques designed to:

• Release tension from the body and mind

• Reduce overall stress and inflammation

• Restore emotional balance

• Clear stagnation & cultivate wellness

• Create a shield of optimistic energy

• Activate your healing potential power


We live in turbulent times. Western medicine is saying 90% of primary physician appointments are due from STRESS. Stress is the root cause of so many of our issues, diseases, illnesses, and overall ANXIETY.

When stress accumulates and stagnates we have “issues in our tissues”. When we activate energy hot spots of circulation to the body we are supporting ourselves with Vitally, Health, and Longevity!

A bottle of water is suggested


ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Ali Smith is an energy medicine expert who has worked with private clients and groups for over 20 yrs. She runs a private practice in Lakeland FL and travel teaches around the world. She is E-RYT Yoga Alliance Credited and is Director of The Jaguar Path FL in central FL. She leads programs designed to create powerful and knowledgeable leaders, teachers and healers. Jaguarpathflordia.com


$25 until 2/21 • $30 at the door

Tapping • VENT Fitness Niskayuna

Pre-registration is closed: all interested participants will have to pay $30 at the door. Enjoy!