The E3 Experience is available to all members and was designed by our master trainers exclusively for VENT Fitness based on scientific principles recognized by leaders in sports medicine and physical fitness.


At VENT Fitness, we know that results don’t just happen by joining a gym or starting an exercise routine. We know the statistics… and failure rates. We have analyzed the variables and developed an exclusive system to exponentially increase your chances of success because your fitness is our bottom line and our primary commitment.

During your one-hour appointment, a trainer will walk you through a brief health history to determine and recognize any limitations you may face. Next, an analysis of your current body composition will establish a baseline including your fat to muscle ratio. Finally, the trainer will guide you to identify and prioritize realistic, healthy goals.


Through a series of strategic tests and benchmark actions, including an overhead squat, core strength, along with postural analysis (along with a few other trade secrets) we are able to evaluate your physical fitness. Once you know your ability and your goals, we are able to tailor a customized fitness plan to reach and potentially exceed your goals in a healthy and safe way.


Whether you are just beginning your fitness adventure or are looking to maximize performance as endurance athlete, our E3 Experience will benefit you.


Request an appointment for your free comprehensive E3 Experience today and see what fitness reinVENTed is all about.

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